Weber Electric BBQ Range


Grilling has been at the heart of Australian food and culture. But for many, putting together a perfect weekend BBQ is no fun. Moreover, the traditional wood and coal-fired BBQs, although incredible, may not always be the best option. That’s where our Weber pulse electric BBQ range comes in.
At BBQ Adelaide, we have always tried to bring the best BBQs out there, and our new electric barbecue range is your gateway to a hassle-free grilling experience. These cutting-edge appliances allow you to embrace the convenience of electric power. When you buy this BBQ, you can say goodbye to the fuss of dealing with messy fuel like charcoal or gas. Plus, you get constant ignition at the push of a button. These benefits are simply unbeatable.
Our Weber electric BBQs are designed with utmost precision. They are a perfect blend of smart technology with state-of-the-art digital performance. The Weber pulse electric barbecues come with integrated iGrill® technology and electronic temperature control. So, you have temperature control, precision grilling, and safety to ensure a memorable weekend cook with your family and mates.
Since its inception in 2020, BBQ Adelaide has brought you the best products. And the new Pulse series won’t let you down. Choose your electric barbecue now!